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Book I, Knight of Jerusalem, is a BRAG Medallion Honoree .

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Book II, Defender of Jerusalem,  took the Silver for Spiritual Fiction in the 2015 Feathered Quill Literary Awards,  won the 2016 Chaucer Award for Medieval Fiction, was a finalist for the M.M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction and is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree.

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Balian has survived the devastating defeat of the Christian army on the Horns of Hattin, and walked away a free man after the surrender of Jerusalem, but he is baron of nothing in a kingdom that no longer exists.  Haunted by the tens of thousands of Christians now enslaved by the Saracens, he is determined to regain what has been lost. The arrival of a vast crusading army under the soon-to-be-legendary Richard the Lionheart offers hope—but also conflict, as natives and crusaders clash and French and English quarrel.


"...I was extremely impressed by Schrader's unparalleled skill in capturing a very complex period in history in a manner that is utterly accessible and even addictive. Little-known characters are brought to the reader's attention, and well-known characters are presented in a new light ... I found the book extremely difficult to put down, and was glad that it stretched to 500 pages....I simply cannot find fault with "Envoy of Jerusalem" and I warmly recommend it to any fans of historical fiction.It is an exemplary book of its kind." ONLINE BOOK CLUB

"Helena's masterful writing leads readers deeper into the intriguing storyline as each page turns. She...breathes life into each [character] making them seem as if they will walk right off the pages. Her descriptive detail of each scene makes the reader feel as if s(he) is right there--an eyewitness to history in the making in this sweeping epic...Author Helena Schrader brings the human factor to the forefront in Envoy of Jerusalem. -- CHANTICLEER BOOK REVIEWS

"...this is one of the best historical series ever written. ... A very detailed drama full of historical truths intertwined with a fantastically written tale, ... The zest this author has for her subject is dramatic, intense and something that will never be forgotten!"  FEATHERED QUILL

"... a captivating work of historical fiction...that offers insight into the religious politics of the Middle Ages.  ... Even the most minor character is full described and the attention to the smallest details is evident in every aspect of the novel.  ...Passionate prose brings the fascinating backdrop of the Middle Ages to life, and interest holds throughout." -- FOREWORD CLARION REVIEW

"Schrader, a career diplomat with a PhD in history, delivers a meticulous historical drama full of telling details and dialogue that's contemporary-feeling without compromising its historical authenticity. ... [T]he story presents both Christian and Muslim points-of-view, so there is no facile stereotyping of villains. ... [R]eaders are sure to find the author's enthusiasm for Crusade-era history infectious." -- BLUE INK

A lost Kingdom,                

                    a lionhearted king,                                                                                                 and  the struggle for Jerusalem.

Envoy of Jerusalem:

Balian d'Ibelin and the Third Crusade

Balian d'Ibelin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem